5 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Envisioning a dream home is enough to make anyone want to revamp their space. Renovating your home can be an exciting and fun experience, but it takes a lot of planning. You can’t simply pick up a hammer and start swinging without a clear plan and expert guidance. Laying down the proper foundation from the start is vital to avoid any mistakes in the process. Luckily, the team at Kassel Construction has five go-to tips on what to avoid when renovating your home.


1. Picking the Wrong Contractors

When it comes to your home, you must do the research. Making sure that you put your home into the right hands is essential. Don't just pick the first contractor that you find, research as many as possible before making the choice. The quality, craftsmanship, and value that a construction firm puts into a client's work speaks for itself. Picking the wrong contractor will cause issues in the future as your home ages. A contractor must have your best interest in mind with transparency at the forefront of your relationship.


2. Rushing the Process

All good things take time. Wanting to get everything done quick is understandable, but troublesome. Rushing the important aspects of a job is unproductive and will yield negative results. Underestimating the work and time put into any renovation is what causes construction mistakes. Your contractors will set an appropriate plan as to when the renovations will be complete outlining the stages of completion that you should expect along the way.


3. Ignoring Permits

Permits help protect you and your home from safety and legal issues. Ignoring these will cause unnecessary setbacks for your renovation and the future of your home. Checking to see that your renovation gets approved and that your contractors have the correct permits is a huge responsibility. Your contractor should be committed to doing the right thing - ensuring that the proper permit is set in place.


4. Improper Budgeting

Multiple things go into a budget plan causing it to become a bit overwhelming. One of the first things that a contractor will clarify is the expense of your project. It is important to stay open-minded to know your budget may increase 5-15% due to additional costs in the process. Hiring a contractor that is committed to your budget and the vision that you have in mind will make the renovation process run more smoothly.


 5. Only Focusing on Appearance

Appearance is a significant aspect when it comes to renovating but the foundation of the house is much more important. Even if your home is aesthetically pleasing, improper electrical foundation, piping, and framing will cause future problems with high repair costs. You must pay attention and work with what your house has and what it does not have. These things determine the inner workings of your home’s structure, and this will put appearance aspects on the backburner.


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