Quick Bathroom Makeovers for The Holidays

There is no reason to limit your holiday decorations to the exterior of your home. If you are expecting house guests this holiday season, there are simple ways to give your home a last-minute interior home makeover—starting with your bathroom. Guests want to feel welcome and at home; this can be accomplished through a festive and comfortable bathroom. Family and friends will notice and appreciate the minor changes you implement in your bathroom during the holidays.  

If executed correctly, giving your bathroom a holiday makeover is a relatively inexpensive project. Sprucing up your bathroom with specific colors and additional accessories create an underlying theme throughout your home. Use Kassel Construction’s simple holiday hacks to give your bathroom a luxurious and festive look.

Incorporate Seasonal Colors

For the fall season and associated holidays, such as Thanksgiving, adding hints of reds, oranges, and yellows are a simple, yet effective way to make over your bathroom. Decorating with fall colors can be achieved in many ways— adding wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, accent paintings, and colored lighting can instantly give a traditional bathroom a festive feel.

As autumn comes to an end, transition from fall to winter by slowly sneaking whites, blues, reds, and greens into your bathroom. Each individual celebrates winter-related holidays differently, so consider what colors may work best for your house guests to make sure they feel welcome. Websites like Pinterest and stores like Home Goods are good resources to spark ideas of how to brighten up your bathroom using seasonal colors.


Bathroom accessories are the easiest, yet the most effective way to give your bathroom a quick holiday makeover. Whether small or large, accessories help make your bathroom more in sync with the holiday season. From shower curtains to bath towels and rugs, shake up your bathroom with a few inexpensive bathroom essentials.

Seasonal Towels

Hand and bath towels are a great way to instantly brighten up a bathroom. Holiday towels should follow the color scheme you have chosen for your bathroom. Typically, dark reds, oranges, and browns will suit a bathroom for the fall season. Blues, whites, silvers, and gray variations are associated with the winter holidays. Feel free to get fun with decorating and buy embroidered or printed towels for your guests.

Wall Decor

Adding seasonal wall pieces is a bold statement that that requires minimal setup. They are easy to change throughout the changing seasons and a great way to get your guests’ attention. Whether it’s a wall decal composed of falling leaves, or a framed painting saying “Happy Holidays,” wall decor is a sure way to impress your guests.

Accent Pieces

Place a decorative pumpkin above your toilet, or a wreath on the door. Adding small accent pieces change the entire feel of your bathroom, and it encourages holiday spirit!


Maintaining fresh fragrances in your bathroom is not only inviting to guests but also generates additional holiday spirit. There are certain scents that are universally associated with specific times of the year. Pumpkin spice lingers in the fall, while vanilla and pine scents fill the air in the winter. Here are the few ways you can incorporate different fragrances into your bathroom:

Light a candle and wait while it slowly permeates your surroundings. Candles are an inexpensive way to keep your small bathroom space smelling nice and fresh at all times. The best fall candles to buy this year are sweet, spice, and everything nice. Buy one or two candles that will last you throughout the fall season to then transition to the holiday-perfect winter candles.

Whether you purchase decorative soap or a hand soap, it is a necessity in your bathroom. Buy traditional scents for your guests to leave with that clean scent and feeling. Stores like Bath & Body Works are well known for having seasonal scented hand soaps that match your holiday decor.

Contact the professionals for your bathroom remodeling

While you may not be doing a full-home remodel, treat yourself to a bathroom renovation from Kassel Construction. Whether you choose to do a full bathroom re-design or simply adding minor decorations, bathroom decor requires attention to detail. Your bathroom is just as important to us as it is to you. Contact Kassel Construction here today for all of your bathroom remodeling jobs.