The Ultimate Checklist for Your Full-Home Remodel

Remodeling your home can be exciting, but often we get ahead of ourselves and skip the essential aspects of the job to move onto the fun parts. You cannot just merely dive into a full-home remodel. Carefully planning and considering every and all aspects that go into your new home will ensure the most favorable outcome. Have your pen and paper ready - the experts from Kassel Construction have provided you with the ultimate checklist for your full-home remodel.


Have an End Goal

Every remodeling project has a different end goal, whether it is to raise the resale value of your home or simply update the outdated. Having an end goal in mind will keep your remodeling plan organized and ensure that you stay on track.


Clarify Your Budget

There is a huge difference between knowing your budget and sticking to it. During a full-home renovation, it is essential to both know how much you are willing to spend and stay within those lines. Prepare for unexpected and unplanned costs and correctly pencil those into your budget.  


Plan Wisely

A full-home remodel is a big job. It cannot be loosely planned and organized into a couple of random days. Your contractors need a full schedule so that they can plan ahead of time. Schedule around holidays and other occasions and pencil in wiggle room in case there are unexpected time delays.


Pack Up

You cannot renovate your home properly with clutter in the way. To make your home remodel as stress-free as possible, move any items that are in the zone of work into storage or to a friends house. This will keep your belongings safe and allow for the remodel to go as smoothly as possible.


Protect Your Kids and Pets

To help protect your children, be sure to install safety gates and mark off areas that are not safe for your kids. Kids are curious, and this curiosity can cause unwanted injuries. Have a family friend pet-sit your animals because the chaos of a home renovation can be stressful for your four-legged family members.


Obtain Permits

Permits are a necessary part of the remodeling process. If you skip this essential step, it can come back to haunt you in the end. Making sure you obtain the correct permits before a remodel begins.


Check the Weather

Ensuring that the weather is appropriate for the remodeling job that needs to be done is necessary. Leave outdoor renovations projects for a sunny day if it is scheduled to rain and storm all day. The weather can seriously hinder a home remodeling project, so be sure to stay alert and on top of the changing weather conditions.


Book the Right Team

The most important and mandatory aspect of a full-home remodel is to hire the right team of experts. Do your research and find the best contractors for your job. Do not rush the process because making sure that you pick a professional renovation team that is right for you is the most important task.


Choose The Ultimate Team For Your Ultimate Remodeling Project - Kassel Construction

A full-home remodel can seem quite daunting. Although remodeling is a huge job, our team at Kassel Construction can handle any project - big or small. Our professional contractors will be by your side every step of the process, and we promise you that you will have your dream home remodel within arms reach. Contact us here for a quote today!