What to Expect from Your Construction Contractor

Renovating can quickly become a complicated process if you don’t know what you should be expecting from your construction contractor. Your general contractor is the most important person on your job site and your partner in converting your vision into reality – so the more you know about working with a contractor, the better prepared you will be to navigate the road ahead.


We asked our expert team at Kassel Construction to come up with a quick guide covering everything you need to expect and know about working with a contractor.


What to Expect From Your Construction Contractor

Your Contractor is going to work with you to decide everything about the job, so be clear, direct, and decisive. Prepare a list of ideas and question to ask, and in turn, be open to your contractor’s ideas and plans.


The Limits of the Build

Both you and your contractor need to understand the limits of the job. Placing limits on the timeline allows you and your contractor to set deadlines for specific goals – this is important because the longer a job goes on, the more expensive it will be. To avoid overpaying, make sure you discuss budgetary limits. Your budget can potentially determine many factors, from how much of your vision is implemented, to the materials your contractor uses.


The Materials Used

Materials used in construction jobs have a wide range of price points. Try to come up with a price range for materials you’d like your contractor to use in a job to avoid allowances. An allowance is an item in the contractor’s bid that has yet to be determined. For example, if you haven’t chosen plumbing hardware for your new master suite, your contractor could put in an estimate into the budget as a placeholder. This estimate could end up being much lower than the actual price of the material used in the end, raising the final cost of the job.


The Construction Timeline

Materials can play a significant role in determining the final cost of your construction job, but so can the timeline. Your contractor will want to know how much time you want to spend on this particular job, so timing should be on your radar every step of the process. Talk with your contractor to create a timeline that works for both of you.



The key to a partnership where one person has the vision and the other has the tools is open communication. Be sure that your general contractor is responsive and willing to converse with you about your ideas for the project. Additionally, a quality contractor must always be able to explain what is happening with the build and why he is making certain choices.


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