Which Home Remodeling Projects Are Worth It?

Home remodeling isn't just something you wake up one day and decide. Careful planning, consideration and time must be put into any home remodeling project. Of course, we all have the lingering thought flying around our head - is this project even worth it? Some renovations won’t provide any added value, but others will leave you with the best bang for your buck. Luckily, the team at Kassel Construction has provided you with the home remodeling project are ultimately worth your time, money and commitment.


Front Door Replacement

Your front door is one of the first things your guests see when approaching your house. Not only is this the top ranking home renovation, but it also yields 96.6% added value to your home. A new front door adds curb appeal and refreshes the look of your home instantly. Although a door is seemingly small in relation to other parts of your house, it is an improvement that produces a major change in the landscape. Not only does replacing your old front door increase security, but with advances in technology, a new door lowers your energy bill as well. This is a simple win-win.


Minor Kitchen Renovation

An updated kitchen provides major value, especially if you believe you are going to sell your home sometime in the near future. Most potential buyers think that remodeling a kitchen is more expensive than it really is, presenting a great potential investment opportunity. However, remodeling your entire kitchen can be a bit costly and can disrupt your regular routine. Adding small adjustments here or there like new cabinets, a sink, or slapping some paint on the walls can add value to your house instantly.


Basement or Attic Remodeling

If you simply want a functional spare room, renovating an attic or basement can yield some seriously positive results. Taking a space that is deemed as “not usable” and turning it into a bedroom, game room, or office can take something that is considered wasted space and turn it into a valuable remodeling project.


Wood Deck Addition

A deck doesn't just add recreational space to your home, but it also creates appeal for potential buyers. Hosting parties, sipping coffee while enjoying a book, or simply creating new space for activities can bring new life to previously unused places. Not only is a wood deck inexpensive, but it can be built quickly and is a less invasive home improvement because all of the work will be done outside.


Kassel Construction Has You Covered for Home Remodeling

Whether you decide to build a deck, remodel your kitchen or replace your front door, Kassel Construction is your dream team of builders. Our contractors are committed to excellence and take pride in our attention to detail for every project we take on. Within budget and on time, our crew is the team you need to make your remodeling dreams come to life. Contact us for a quote here!