Your Complete Guide to Construction Terms

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, you’ve probably come across a long list of construction terms that seem foreign to you. Well, we’re here to help you understand everything that about to happen to your home.


Learning some of these terms will allow you to understand what exactly is going on around your house - it will also let you give meaningful input to those working around you and ensure that everything is going according to your plans.


Glossary of Construction Terms


Beams - also known as Girders, they are structures that support weight.


Cased Openings - framed doors and windows.


Clearing - the removal of trees, roots, and debris from the construction site.


Excavation - digging out the grounds to install footing or a foundation.


Floor Plan - also called a floor layout, this is a drawing of the horizontal section of a building which shows the relationship between different spaces.


Footing - the concrete footing of the foundation wall.


Grading - the initial preparation of the ground surface before construction. The final layout is determined after the building's completion.


Joists - these create the horizontal framing of the house and support floors and ceilings, and can be wood or metal.


Rafters - shaped figures that support the roof. These are more expensive and time-consuming than trusses.


Rebar - also known as the reinforcing bar, this refers to a steel bar used to strengthen concrete.


Safe Bearing Capacity - the ability of the soil to support the weight of the foundation and the house.


Section - a representation of the internal composition of a building normally showing how the building is built from foundation to roof.


Skirting - a strip of metal that covers the joint between the wall and floor in a room.


Soil Preparation - an analysis of the soil performed by a geotechnical engineer used to determine its type.


Staking - staking determines the approximate location of the four corners of the house. These points may move as final decisions regarding the construction are made.


Studs - these create the vertical framing of the house, and can be wood or metal.


SubFloor - boards nailed to the joists over which finished floor will be laid.


Trusses - prefabricated triangular-shaped structures that take the place of individual rafters.


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