What We Do

Kassel Construction specializes in managing, developing and performing commercial and residential construction projects in the communities in which we live and work. We strive to deliver value to our clients through quality construction experiences. Founded in 2010, Kassel believes in building a better quality of life for our customers, communities and each other.

It starts with an unwavering and sustained commitment to excellence and doing the right thing--building our projects safely, on-time, on budget and with the utmost craftsmanship, innovation and care.

We strive to create opportunities for local businesses to grow and succeed through the projects we're awarded, and give our time, dollars and service to organizations and causes that contribute to a better increased lifestyle for our neighboring communities.

Our approach to work is transparent and lean. We treat every project, every dollar as if it were our own because we're not just a service provider for our clients, we're a business partner.